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Viralsafe - The new Standard

The Viralsafe coating developed and patented by Lainisalo is proven to be the fastest anti-bacterial coating for touch surfaces. Research has shown that the Viralsafe coating eliminates viruses and bacteria in mere seconds.

Anti-bacterial coating

Our product development team developed Viralsafe last year after the Coronavirus breakout.
The basis for the development was to eliminate viruses and bacteria in seconds in order to sever infection chains after just one touch.

The Viralsafe coating has been investigated by various BSL-3 laboratories around the world, and the results have been amazing every time. Below is a list of viruses and bacteria that have been tested.

Laboratory test results:
+ Murine Norovirus
<10 min. 97%
30 sec. 95% 60 sec. 96%
+ SARS CoV-2
60 sec. 97%
+ SARS CoV-2 ISO 21702
+ SARS CoV-2 B 1.1.7 (UK variant)
60 sec. 97%
+ H1N1 (influenza A / swine flu)
30 sec. 91% 60 sec. 93%
+ H5N8 (bird flu)
30 sec. 87% 60 sec. 90%
+ Listeria monocytogenes
<10 min 100%
+ Salmonella SPP.
<10 min. 100%
+ Bacillus cereus
<10 min. 99,9%
+ Staphylococcus aureus
<10 sec. 99,9%
+ Escherichia coli
<10 sec. 99,9%
+ MRSA ATCC 43300
10min 99,9% ISO 22196:2011

Would you like to know more?
If you want to read more about the Viralsafe product, the following link will take you to the web pages of our subsidiary Clean Touch Medical Oy.


Expert services and product development

Modern and cost-effective special coats for especially demanding applications. Professional services and strong expertise with more than 30 years of experience. Innovative and tireless product development to exceed all expectations.

Expert services

We help our customers in the management and development of their production processes. We support painting projects as operators and consultants. We develop painting systems even for the most demanding environments.

Our goal is to improve the competitiveness of our customers and to improve quality and cost-effectiveness. We provide support and straightforward solutions, as we have plenty of experience in surface coating technologies.

Our expert services also include various tests and inspections, such as Frosio inspections.


We develop and make diverse surface treatment systems for different materials, always taking operational environments into consideration. The functionality of the systems is tested carefully at our research laboratories.

We guide and advise in the practical use of various coatings by providing our customers with comprehensive painting instructions.

Product development

We are continuously developing new methods for the surface treatment industry by utilising modern technology.

Different additives and adhesive solutions can improve the functional characteristics of products and increase their service life. The correct coating can also introduce cost savings, because a painted surface can influence energy consumption as well.

Thanks to product development, products can become for example self-cleaning, moisture or gas absorbing, indoor air cleaning, bacterial infection preventing, electricity conductive, or friction increasing.


Salt spray tests
Tensile strength tests
Weather resistance tests
Wear resistance tests
Process measurements
In-house Frosio inspectors
In addition to product development, our modern research laboratory can handle various analyses and inspections pursuant to painting standards.

Want to know more about Viralsafe?

Download the materials below and you will know how ViralSafe helps keep viruses under control e.g. cruise ships or hotels.

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