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The powder coating technique

Powder coating achieves a durable and hard surface. Powder coating is an environmentally friendly surface treatment method and a cost-effective way to paint. There are various types of powder paints available for different applications and corrosion prevention needs.

Powder coating

There are powder coats available for various applications both indoors and outdoors. Powder coating creates a hard and durable paint coat, which protects well against mechanical and chemical stress. Powder coating puts less stress on the environment, as powder paints do not contain any harmful solvents or volatile organic compounds.

Since powder paint is easily applied in all small holes and around corners thanks to its electric charge, it is an excellent choice for surface finishing. Powder coating is a cost-effective option, because it requires less paint than wet coating. The sprayed paint can also be reclaimed and reused. Powder coated pieces are dried in a furnace. he powder melts in the furnace and finally cures into a seamless and ultra-durable surface.

Powder coating pre-treatment

A successful outcome relies on a correctly chosen and completed pre-treatment process. Our pre-treatment selection includes blasting, washing, and coating, depending on the pieces, customer demands, and the painting instructions. We do for example fire-proofing coatings according to different standards and quality requirements, accounting for exposure classes.

Our modern equipment and comprehensive capacity always guarantee the best solutions for different surface treatment needs.


Aluminium oxide blasting
Steel shot blasting
Alkaline wash
Surtec 609 treatment
Bonderite treatment


We provide top-of-the-line surface treatment services in Finland and Estonia. Our facilities do both manual and automatic robot-assisted treatments. The work is done on the painting line or in painting chambers depending on the need.

In practice, all materials can be treated as long as the suitable method is chosen. The selection of the technique is also influenced by the number of pieces to be treated. The correct technique can introduce significant cost savings and technical advantages.

We have the required skill and understanding for surface treatment techniques. We will be happy to help you.

Wet coating


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