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The wet painting technique

Error-free and high-quality wet painting. Long-lasting life and excellent protection. Wet paints have excellent corrosion prevention properties, good weather durability, and good mechanical and chemical strength. We do first-class surface treatments for businesses of all sizes.

Wet paint

Wet painting is a technique that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition to a visual look, wet paint can be used to introduce various product properties, such as anti-bacterial films or scratch-proofing. Wet painting is a good choice when wanting to for example paint the different sides of a piece in different colours. Wet paints can also be applied in layers.

Wet painting is a good solution for coating when the product material or component will not allow the use of other types of paints. The selection of a wet painting technique can be influenced by various factors, such as the heat resistance or size or weight class of the product. Wet painted pieces can usually be cured in room temperature. Wet painting can also be chosen because of the required colour tone or the special characteristics required of the paint.

Wet painting pre-treatment

A successful outcome relies on a correctly chosen and completed pre-treatment process. Our pre-treatment selection includes blasting, washing, and coating, depending on the pieces, customer demands, and the painting instructions. We do for example fire-proofing coatings according to different standards and quality requirements, accounting for exposure classes.

The treated material can be anything – we will provide flawless coatings for instance for plastic, fibreglass, metal, and wood surfaces. Our modern equipment and comprehensive capacity always guarantee the best solutions for different surface treatment needs.


Aluminium oxide blasting
Steel shot blasting
Alkaline wash
Surtec 609 treatment
Bonderite treatment


We provide top-of-the-line surface treatment services in Finland and Estonia. Our facilities do both manual and automatic robot-assisted treatments. The work is done on the painting line or in painting chambers depending on the need.

In practice, all materials can be treated as long as the suitable method is chosen. The selection of the technique is also influenced by the number of pieces to be treated. The correct technique can introduce significant cost savings and technical advantages.

We have the required skill and understanding for surface treatment techniques. We will be happy to help you.


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