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Ceramic coatings were developed to solve problems occurring in the surface treatment of precision mechanical components. Lainisalo has years of experience with ceramic hard coats, and we have broadened our selection of high-quality ceramic coating products.

A ceramic coat is a more responsible choice
Lainisalo is a responsible operator who wants to utilise environmentally friendly solutions in their operations. Ceramic coatings burden the environment less than traditional coatings do. The process requires no chemical pre-treatment. The products only include a fraction of the plastics, heavy metals, and volatile organic compounds included in traditional paints.

Our ceramic coatings are compliant with REACH, ROHS, and Prop65 requirements.


Dirt repellent
Suitable for various materials
Almost limitless applications
Extreme corrosion resistance and mechanical and chemical resistance
Can withstand temperatures up to 1,000 °C
No need to protect threads and sealant surfaces anymore
Wide range of available colour tones

Markings on top of a ceramic coating

As an additional service, Lainisalo offers laser cladding and frequency painting of coated products. These methods allow for the addition of markings on ceramic coats, meaning that products can for example be identified.

Ask our sales team for more information about laser cladding and frequency painting!

Ceramic coatings are versatile coatings. The product can withstand extremely high temperatures of up to +1,000 °C. The coats have excellent wear resistance and chemical resistance characteristics that give the product a very long life.

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