Powder coating

Powder coating

Powder coating achieves a durable and hard surface. Powder coating is an environmentally friendly surface treatment method and a cost-effective way to paint.

Wet coating

Long-lasting life and excellent protection. Long-lasting life and excellent production. Wet paints have excellent corrosion prevention properties, good weather durability, and good mechanical and chemical strength.

Wet coating

Ceramic coatings

Lainisalo ceramic coatings are an ecological and very durable alternative to more traditional methods. The products only include a fraction of the plastics, heavy metals, and volatile organic compounds included in traditional paints.

Printing services

Lainisalo also offers cost-effective and tailor-made printing techniques with a silk screen and pad printing press. Our printing press services are used for example to make item markings, serial numbers, logo and brand stickers, device stickers, and industrial marking products.


Assembly and installation services

A successful assembly process is an important part of any supply chain. We offer comprehensive and skilled supply chain management and optimisation services that allow you to focus on your core competencies.

Innovations and product development

We have created several patented surface treatment solutions. Our research and development unit is constantly developing new surface treatment innovations.
We also want to ensure that the level of professional surface treatment skill remains high, so we act as a Frosio trainer providing qualifications for international surface treatment quality inspectors.


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Lainisalo develops and introduces new methods for the surface treatment industry. We want to offer premium-grade industrial surface treatment services for businesses of all sizes. Our customer pledge is based on supply security, quality, cost-effectiveness, and partnership.


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